U.S. Rep. Roe visits: Jobs, state of country are top issues

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 @ 7:18PM

NEWPORT—Jobs and the direction of the country are the biggest concerns First District U.S. Rep. Phil Roe says that he is hearing from constituents.

During a visit to The Newport Plain Talk last Thursday, Roe said, “People are worried about jobs and the direction of the country…the erosion of values.

“President Obama has been divisive. First and foremost we’re Americans. He’s divided the country on gender and race. Diversity is great.

“I don’t care if you are a Democrat or Republican, we’re going to help you if we can. I don’t care about your politics.”

Roe said, while the jobless rate may be lower, there are reasons people are concerned about jobs.

“I went to the Tennessee Valley Corridor Meeting and was asked to speak about entrepreneurship. I got to thinking, if the jobless rate has dropped and there have been jobs created, while do 70 percent of the people feel the country is going in the wrong direction? So, I analyzed it.

“In the 1992-96 recession, there were 460,000 businesses formed. In this recession, only 167,000 businesses formed. That’s millions of jobs that didn’t get formed. Twenty counties made up half of the new business formation and 60 percent of the counties had a net business loss.”

Roe said there have been positive steps made in recent years, and added he hopes to help make more improvements in the future.

“With the Highway Bill we added $20 billion a year to the trust fund. You will see some of the money here in Tennessee.

“Another thing was the repeal of No Child Left Behind. It was frustrating for teachers. Now the control is put more to the local level. I was on the conference report for that and Sen. (Lamar) Alexander did a great job on the Senate side. It has changed the attitude of teachers.”

Roe also noted the passage of the Veterans Choice Act, which is designed to improve care for veterans. He said it got off to a bumpy start but added that veterans are getting better care.

Roe said he is also very focused on healthcare reform and Medicare reform to create a situation where people are healthier and there will be less costs involved.

One area Roe said he is very concerned about involves foreign policy, in particular the Iran nuclear deal.

“I have had two constituents killed by Jihadists,” he said. “The deal is flawed. It’s an ideology that’s the problem, not guns. We have to blame terrorists and label it for what it is.”

Finally, Roe spoke about the immigration policy for the country.

“We have one million immigrant coming to the country legally each year. Certain segments, like agriculture, rely on migrant labor. I think that should probably be moved to the Department of Agriculture.

“But, we have to control our borders. The biggest concern in England is you can’t let in people who can’t be vetted.”

With immigration being a hot political topic in the Presidential races this year, Roe said he will be meeting presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on July 7.

Read the full article HERE at The Newport Plain Talk.

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